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"Discovering you is becoming you, you are the key to a world that needs you."

Christopher L. Antie



   My world has been cultivated by a journey in many directions. This journey has led me to become the proud person that I am: a Southern Louisiana boy that had a dream and is still going after it. My journey has allowed me to become accredited and well known in various industries across the globe. 

   I'm known as a Hollywood actor, television co-host, voice-actor, radio host, an award-winning branding and events development manager for various corporations, celebrity chef, writer, producer, director, and I'm one of the most recognized podcast hosts within the LGBTQ community.

    I am honored you have found my world and I want to personally welcome you to my online home.

Christopher L. Antie



Taste with passion and love, make it from the heart. Feeling proud is how you feel, how you live, and how you eat. The best chef is you in the chef!

Award Winning Podcast

The award-winning podcast discusses the many adventures of Chris and Will from Disney, Harry Potter, to Hollywood with theme park insights to grand topic celebrity interviews.


From a docuseries, hosting tours, to merchandise marks the official brand of Christopher L. Antie and William Ramos Jr.


The new book entitled "Creations" is due out in mid-2020. Christopher's journals revolve around his many talents and endeavors combined into a series of books filled with thoughts, advice, and recipes. 


Learn about the many past projects from Christopher's work vault, plus a preview of some of his currents to future productions.


Check out Christopher's calendar of confirmed appearances, filming's, and so much more; keep checking back this section changes frequently.