In late-2020 Chef Christopher releases his journal of advice, adventure ideas, and even of some of his greatest recipes. Below you can check out some of his food ideas that will be featured inside this amazing series of books.

The best southern recipes ever created, the best hometown cooking you can taste to love, and some of the most innovative ways to dine and shine will be all in this incredible book. Check back soon for the official release date.


At your next dinner party make it the next big thing. You can theme it up for any occasion or make it personal with your list of guests. I feel candles are always a nice touch, nice displays, and/or serving trays are always a killer presentation to your food. Be sure to have take-home boxes as I like to cook for the masses!

Specialty Foods, exclusive to Chef Christopher.

What you see is what you get; I believe too many pictures of food are edited to seek the buyer's interests. As a chef, I believe that the picture needs to match what you're being served. My pictures are real, unedited slides that allow you to see the experience as it would be served to you. A real visual experience is just as important as the tasting experience; enjoy!

 I'm always adding more pictures so please be sure to check back often.

What's For Dinner?!

No matter the reason you're cooking this question is always in your head. So always thinking of what kind of meal you want to cook, think of the dinner plate. Vegetables, Potatoes, Meats, and Desserts should be your full course meal, award yourself daily with great cooking and good food.


I love vegetables. I can eat them raw, boiled, grilled, baked, and in some cases marinated. Your vegetables are important to balancing out your meal. The flavor compliments the meal and everything else you decide to cook. So choose the vegetable that soaks your tongue.

Salads also enhance the vegetable mood and can be replaced as a vegetable. I love many type of salads, what's your favorite salad?


Several different types of meats to choose from, alongside my amazing pasta and potato's. Each is crafted to perfection to add to any type of meal plan for your evening.


Whether it's a healthy choice or a full dinner plate, here is some great meal ideas to fit the taste buds of mostly anyone.


What compliments a meal are these items from start to finish to even thereafter. Great flavored cakes to amazing soups. This is what make any occasion wonderful. It's love the whole way around.


Presentation is as good as the food you cook. Be creative with your style of the event and let your guests choose what they want to eat but help them out by letting your style be their style.