Christopher L. Antie, A boy with a dream, a guy with a destiny, and a man with a journey
  A diverse career that is one of a kind. How to tell his story? Start with a simple word: talented. Known for his many talents, Christopher L. Antie is an award-winning and accredited entrepreneur, writer, entertainer, brand manager, director, and chef with over twenty-five years of experience. Christopher’s story is still ongoing and his journey continues to be exciting.

  Born on June 18, 1979, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Christopher is the youngest of five children growing up in Walker, Louisiana. Before graduating from Walker High School in 1998, Christopher began his long and award-winning career in the mid-1990s. “I knew entertainment was a niche I wanted to explore from an early age,” he says, “It was always something about entertainment and the happiness in people that sparked my interest.”

  Following his instincts, Christopher auditioned for and won a role on a production locally, called "Kidds Jamboree” for the WAFB television station. He knew he was right where he wanted to be. “The vibe in the audition and being in front of the camera was more than enough to convince me I was in the right place." Christopher was truly following his dreams. Sadly, a tornado destroyed the production facilities, “Kidds Jamboree” was canceled, records were destroyed and the crew was forced to move on. All Christopher was left with was the fond memory of what had only just begun.
  Not allowing his dreams to be so easily derailed, Christopher proceeded forward. Moving to Florida after high school graduation, Christopher left behind all he knew with nothing more than a dream in his heart and very little money in his pocket.

Celebrity Chef 



Brand Designer 

Brand Manager 




Reality Star 

TV Host 





  Landing a job with the Walt Disney Company, he gained knowledge in guest services, operations, food services, stage management, entertainment, directing, and acting. Inspired by Walt Disney himself, Christopher worked with the Walt Disney Company in various capacities including Disney Entertainment and Walt Disney Productions for over seventeen years. “Walt Disney by far inspires my life; his dedication to his beliefs is what I think gave me the ability to not look back and always move forward.”
  During his time at the Walt Disney Company, Christopher expanded his portfolio by performing in parades, weddings and ABC television specials with Regis Philbin and Kathy Lee Gifford, *NSYNC, and Aaron Carter. Using the stepping stones that the Walt Disney Company offered, Christopher continued to audition for further entertainment projects, eventually landing his first major main credits on the pilot episode of “Hall Pass” for the PBS network as an adventurer promoting Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and in Disney’s theatrical production of “Disney’s Doug Live”. “I think what I learned the most with being with the Walt Disney Company was the things I could do better and even the things of what I shouldn’t do.”


  This is when Christopher used his savings to propel his future. It was then that Christopher and his best friend William Ramos Jr. created their own entertainment company, the CaliNewYork Company.
  "I made phone calls to experts, many hung up, but one took the time to talk with me and from that point on I had the right direction to follow.” Since the start of the CaliNewYork Company, Christopher gained experience and know-how as well as multiple industry connections. 

  “I’ve had some unfortunate times,” but through it all, Christopher has "stood with honesty and pulled through.” Today, Christopher L. Antie is a name that shines in many languages, Hollywood sites and search engines across the globe. His hard work and determination to succeed have taken Christopher to new levels and new passions.


  One such passion is cooking. "I love cooking; I enjoy the exploration of food." Pursuing a degree in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu, Christopher learned that "to be a chef you need to know the food you're cooking; if your heart is in it and people eat it then I believe you're a chef.” Christopher has used his culinary talents in the 2010 Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show, the 2010 Epcot Food and Wine Festival, the opening chef for the AMC Dine-In Theaters at Disney’s Spring, The New Orleans Food Expo, and at special events with the Orange County Convention Center where he has created 3000 plates of food within one hour. He served as the training retail and culinary leader for J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series exhibits from construction to opening day at Universal Studios Hollywood, California and Universal Studios Orlando, Florida; and won manager of the year reward from Tripadvisor for his work at the Harry Potter Exhibit in Orlando, Florida. Christopher helped build Master Chef Avis White’s restaurant in New Orleans, he was credited as the branding manager for IPIC Entertainment assisting award-winning Chef Sherry Yard in Westwood, California.


   Christopher established himself as a celebrity chef with his hosting of several tours and conventions and catering for top industry people and businesses, plus Christopher holds the honor of building the growth of several specific food locations from coast to coast into thirty million dollar a year high volume restaurants; including locations at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.


  Since his beginning with working for the Walt Disney Company Christopher has branded himself as a versatile leader, with becoming the opening leader for over twenty different business attractions from coast to coast. His talent specializes in diversified hospitality, a culinary professional, entertainment industry manager, producer of worldwide productions, dozens of entertainment performances, a leader in business growth, branding developer, leader in event operation and specialty retail. Christopher prides himself as an award-winning brand event manager that has worked alongside The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, The Learning Annex Wealth Expo Los Angeles, the IBM Corp, Sylvia Corp, Lilly Inc, Mattress Firm, Bright House Networks, Hewlett Packard, Nice Systems, Helms, Briscoe, Cisco, Comcast Corporation, Ernest Industries, MineCon, Krewe of Orpheus Mardi Gras Gal, and Lincoln Businesses to name a few. “I am happy with my life, glad I hit the lows at an early age and I have no regrets. I appreciate all the support and direction my life has taken.”


  Christopher is truly living his dream, and it includes a global diverse dream at that. Christopher has furthered his establishment as an entertainment talent manager for the band Simple6, America’s Got Talent RL BELL, and Dawn Robinson formerly of En Vogue, just to name a few. In-addition he has assisted talent and the crew for “The Creative Emmy Awards” (E! Network), “The People's Choice Awards” (CBS Network), “The Miss Universe Pageant” (NBC Network), “The War at Home” (FOX Network), “What I Like About You” (WB Network), “George Lopez” (ABC Network), “According to Jim” (ABC Network), “That 70's Show” (FOX Network), “Modern Men” (WB Network), and “The Primetime Emmy Awards” (NBC), "IMPACT" Wrestling” (Spike), "EXTRA" (NBC), "TODAY" (NBC), and "Wake up with Al" (Weather Channel).


  Christopher has performed as a baritone singer with the Walt Disney cast choir for Walt Disney World's Candlelight Processional for two years in a row. Christopher’s continued acting credits include “Mickey's Holiday Specials” (ABC), "House M.D." (Fox), "The Nine" (ABC), "CSI: New York" (CBS), "Gilmore Girls" (CW), "How I Met Your Mother" (CBS), "My Name Is Earl" (NBC), "Without a Trace" (CBS), "Miss/Guided" (ABC), "Greek" (ABC Family), "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" (NBC), "Dirty Sexy Money" (ABC), "Clean House" (Style), "The War at Home" (Fox), "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" (Universal Pictures), "Drillbit Taylor" (Paramount), "Spring Breakdown" (Warner Brothers), "Superbad" (Columbia Pictures), and "The Ranch" (Netflix). Christopher wrote and produced his first off-Broadway production recognized by Playbill called “Twas” performed in New Orleans in 2017. He appears as himself on Style Networks “Clean House”, as DJ Chrill on his Gay Online Radio GO! Live, and is currently the host of the award-winning podcast "What About Our Life?” on iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Apple, and Google with his partner William Ramos Jr.

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  Christopher is recently married to his partner of 21+ years, and together they are celebrating their life and love in a new documentary “The Real Prince Charmings” debuting fall of 2020. One thing is for certain, no matter where the journey takes him; Christopher L. Antie is propelling forward and always traveling upwards. Christopher's legacy continues well into the new year with an all-new book called "Creations: A journal of life, food, and appreciation” due out in late-2020, his first music single due out in 2020, he’s producing and wrote for a film production called “Artisan” due to film in late-2021, and a list of other projects in the works for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. “In the end, I am not close to being done and I hope that my talents shine even after I am gone. Your life is a book of journeys so write it well and interestingly because life too traditional is a life with no adventure."